Custom Embroidery


  1. You should already own a denim jacket* you will send to me**
  2. Email with photographs of the FRONT and BACK of your denim jacket, and I will give you the thumbs up to proceed. 
  3. Select the embroideries you want from this site. Select one "BACK OF JACKET" design. You can also pick a few "DETAILS FOR JACKET" options - and yes, you can buy multiple "Any Line of Text".
  4. Check out your cart / pay through this site.
  5. Email back with your order ID number, as well as any color preferences ***.   We will chat about what you want and I'll guide you through it :)
  6. Please allow multiple weeks to receive your embroidered jacket: more if I give birth earlier than expected (lol). I do not recommend purchasing for a time sensitive gift unless you confirm with me beforehand.


* denim jackets preferred but (new) canvas tote bags or 100% (new) cotton t shirts / sweatshirts may be possible as well - ask

** do not send me an expensive or otherwise precious heirloom jacket. Embroidery is an art, not a science. Also, if you are sending a vintage denim jacket, please feel it: a very old or worn jacket may be hard to embroider. You want the denim to feel on the thicker side.

*** cannot guarantee an exact color match to existing design or to your requests, but will make it look great. Please note lighter or more vibrant colors look best against dark denim. The opposite can be true for light denim.

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