Custom Embroidery Commissions

Posted by Yaffa Chaya on

I'm a one woman show with a baby but whenever possible I would love to make your custom embroidery vision come to life! I am able to take commissions that are in line with my usual style and subject matter. I especially love: fashion illustration, portraiture, animal design, and childrens' drawings.

Keep scrolling to see some of my offerings along with pricing. Please note that final price will depend on our conversation about what you are looking for. 

I am also open to collaborations, activations, and events with boutiques and stores.

Email me at to get started. Let me know what you are looking for, your budget, and deadline if applicable.


1. Custom denim jackets starting at $300

Price of jacket depends on number of drawings, detail of drawings, and content. My prices are lowest when I have artistic freedom.

Generally you provide the jacket but if you don't have one then we can figure it out together. You ship the jacket to me, I ship it back.

2. Custom children's drawing crewneck sweatshirt starting at $100

Give me your child's drawing and I'll turn it into embroidery! Please note that the very nature of embroidery will require me to artistically interpret the drawing in terms of max # of colors, texture, and size.

You can send me a preferred sweatshirt or I can order for you (not included in price). I will ship the finished sweatshirt to you.

3. Custom "heart on your sleeve" embroidery starting at $40

You draw a heart and send me the apparel (or work with me to select apparel), I embroider it onto the sleeve of a shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket along with one or two lines of text of your choice. A perfect Valentine's or anniversary gift.

Shipping not included. 

No example images because I haven't done this offering before. I just think it's a ~neat~ idea.